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Almost Heaven Dye Works

Wax Melts Tarts SUPER STRONG 40+ pc Mini Cubes Handmade HOT MAPLE TODDY Scent

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Super strong scents; not for the weak!!

My locally popular mini-cube wax melts now available for shipment to your home or office.

HOT MAPLE TODDY scent - a delectable blend of maple syrup, butter, and rum. 

Now available in resealable bags for your convenience. Bags also keep scents locked inside, so you only smell them when you want to.

These mini-cubes are great for mixing and matching your own custom scents.

Handmade in West Virginia with the highest concentration of fragrance you could possibly get in wax.

Now without added dyes!!

I use my own blend of soy and paraffin waxes. Each fragrance may vary on amount of each wax used in the blend, but fragrance concentration is always the same. This technique allows me to provide you with maximum scent throw!

Scents will last for 1-3 days depending on amount used and amount of heat on your burner. Tealight burners are not as hot and will last longer than your electric burner.

***when ordering, please keep in mind your weather conditions. Wax melts will melt or stick together on hot days, even in a mailbox. Please monitor your tracking information or make necessary arrangements. In cases of extreme heat, contact seller to inquire about adding cool packs to your order for a minimal charge.

Do not burn/melt unattended!